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Leading digital marketing technology platform Cablato launches real-time video personalization

Leading digital marketing technology platform Cablato launches pioneering real-time video personalization technology for in-stream and out-stream video.

Cablato’s technology enables advertisers to dynamically stitch together an unlimited number of video clips in real-time to create hyper-personalised videos for every consumer tailored to their interests, demographics, behaviours, and contextual information. All of this can be achieved without the complexity and expense traditionally associated with targeted video campaigns.

“Cablato has made the process of producing and running personalized and dynamic video incredibly simple, with the technology making decisions on what video content to show to each consumer and creating each unique video in real-time. Our aim has been to make personalized video accessible to all brands whilst setting new benchmarks in video engagement,” said Cablato Founder and CEO Adrian Pearmund.

The news comes at a time when video advertising is exploding, as more and more consumers use the medium when researching purchases and are increasingly looking for better personalization. This was reflected in a 67% increase in video advertising spend in 2017, according to Internet Advertising Bureau UK research.

In the automotive sector alone, a recent study by CitNOW revealed that 80% of car buyers use video to support their decision making. Almost three quarters (74%) of respondents said that video makes them feel more confident when making a purchase, while one in five motorists has proactively used video to help them decide which car to buy in the past 12 months.

“Digital video has always enabled brands to capture more intent and interest data throughout media activation, while building a direct profile of the end consumer. Adding personalization to the mix, brands can multiply the effectiveness of their video campaigns, and through Cablato, do this without increasing production costs,” said Adrian Pearmund. “Essentially we’re looking at the next evolution of digital marketing”.

Cablato’s experience working with leading global brands has shown that personalized ads transform campaign effectiveness, with average engagement and post engagement stats increasing between five and ten times.

Cablato’s personalized video ads play across all VAST, in-stream and out-stream video advertising formats.

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