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Dynamic real-time pricing and availability drives thousands of conversions for Expedia

The company

Expedia is one of the world’s leading travel companies, operating over 200 travel websites in 75 countries. Founded in 1996 by Microsoft, data and technology have always sat at the core of business, which has supported their mission to revolutionise travel through the power of technology.


As a technology first company operating in the fiercely competitive and ultra dynamic travel vertical, Expedia was looking to unlock the power of their data to improve both sales and marketing efficiency, and the customer experience. With an abundance of competitors to choose from, the business was looking for an innovative solution that would keep the brand top-of-mind during the decision making process.

Throughout this time period, the company sought to create an always on campaign that would dynamically personalise ad communication, recommending hotels and displaying real-time price and availability information that would overcome constant price fluctuations in the travel space.

The solution

Expedia turned to Cablato to develop a dynamic through the funnel campaign that would recommend hotels based on a number data points including destination interest, and physical location, and also display real-time pricing taken directly taken from their booking APIs.

With Cablato being one of the most robust and flexible technology solutions for achieving ad personalisation and targeting on a massive scale, not only was the campaign simple and cost effective, it also provided Expedia with the ability to leverage both user-level and real-time data to introduce relevant and meaningful messages to each consumer throughout the sales funnel.

To ensure each ad always presented available hotels along with real-time pricing and availability, Cablato set up APIs between our integrated data management platform and Expedia’s booking system. Cablato then cached Expedia’s hotel database with it’s ad server, ensuring that all hotels including images, address, and ratings was locally available for real-time ad-serving. By caching this data locally, the only data calls being made to Expedia were to check and price, reducing both data transfer costs and impact on Expedia’s booking system.

Using Cablato’s ad creator and content management system, Expedia was able to quickly build, test and change content across all markets in any language, without having to pause or re-traffic campaigns.


The campaign improved sales and engagement by 4.6x, proving the value of content recommendations combined with real-time pricing and availability.

Cablato also dramatically improved turnaround times and efficiency with only a single set of ad templates having to be designed, built and trafficked.

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