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Cablato launches VAST and VPAID service

Leading digital advertising personalisation platform Cablato now offers instream and outstream video through VAST and VPAID as part of its innovative ad suite.

The launch of the video streaming service means that advertisers and marketers can now run personalised interactive video content across any demand side plat-form through Cablato without the complexity and expense of dealing with one of the large video networks.

The news comes at a time when video advertising is exploding, as more and more consumers use the medium when researching purchases and are increasingly look-ing for better personalisation. This was reflected in a 56% increase in video advertis-ing spend in 2016 (103% on mobile), according to the Internet Advertising Bureau UK and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) research.

In the automotive sector alone, a recent study by CitNOW revealed that 80% of car buyers use video to support their decision making. Almost three quarters (74%) of respondents said that video makes them feel more confident when making a pur-chase, while one in five motorists has proactively used video to help them decide which car to buy in the past 12 months.

“By providing an instream and outstream service plus personalisation through VPAID we’re opening up a whole new world of possibilities for creating and serving high-impact ad content that transforms engagement and response,” said Cablato Founder and CEO Adrian Pearmund. “Essentially we’re looking at the next evolution of digital marketing.

“Our experience working with a number of major brands has shown that well de-signed personalised and interactive ads improve campaign effectiveness, with av-erage engagement and post engagement stats increasing between five and 10 times.”

VAST is the IAB’s in-stream video advertising standard format. VPAID allows compli-ant video players to display interactive ads, building on VAST to enable rich ad ex-periences, and enhanced viewer analytics.

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